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‘the cheer collective’ is a mobile app that will empower you to set, track and achieve your goals.  The best bit?  You’ll be supported by our online community of cheerleaders every step of the way.

For some of us, setting goals is easy, it’s just the ‘keeping motivated’ and ‘seeing them through’ bit that’s hard.  So on the days when you just can not be bothered, we got you.  On the days when you wanna give up, we got you.  On the days when you’re feeling pumped and you have something to give, you can cheer and be there for those that aren’t so pumped to give them a little lift.

We figured out a lot about ourselves over the past two years.  We figured that sometimes, times are tough, and sometimes they’re really really tough. But we also realised that we’re tough too.  We figured that having goals helped us have a focus, they gave us a purpose and they gave us something to work towards and in a lot of cases, the chance to try something new.  Like how many hobbies and how many things did you try last year that you would never have tried if ‘you know what’ hadn’t have happened?!  The best thing we figured out is that we’re better and stronger together.

So that's why we’re here, the cheer collective.  To help you not only set goals, but help you achieve them.  To cheer you on and cheer you up on the tough days and to celebrate you on the good days.  Design is well under way for the platform but because we want to be ‘a platform that you will really love’ and one that will really help, we want to share this journey and build with you.  I mean, it’s a platform for you right, so you should have a say in how it looks and feels.

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We can't wait to meet you. x x x

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